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Experiential learning for lasting change

We've been harnessing the collective human-potential in organizations since 2009


We create experiences for deeper learning and  lasting organizational change 

Welcome.  We are The Collaboration Partners, a US based Experiential Learning Company, and our Learning & Development Programs are delivered in collaboration with Horses, nationally and internationally (and virtually!).

'Learning by Doing' is a proven and powerful approach to gaining new knowledge and skills. We remember 75% of what we do and only 5% of what we hear!
When you add Horses into the 'Learning by Doing' mix, you get realtime feedback, as well as the opportunity to test and practice the  change you've learned before you apply it.

3 men walking confidently with a horse in Leadership Development program

Horses are highly intuitive and provide feedback without bias or alternative agendas.  By experiencing first-hand how they react to your voice, body language and movement, you'll receive realtime insight into how this lands in your workplace and what you may need to do differently to get the outcome you desire.  

So whether you're a large organization, small project team, or leadership group seeking to change the culture of the organization, the horses will innately tune into who (or what) is in front of them and your learning journey starts there.


What value do horses bring into experiential learning workshops?

1. Awareness

The immediate and unbiased feedback we receive from working with horses creates a highly unique awareness of how we appear to others.

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2. Understanding

Our facilitators translate the equine behavior, providng rich insight into how we present ourselves and the impact we have on others.

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3. Change

With new levels of awareness and understanding, we create exciting opportunities for positive change, as individuals, teams and organizations. 

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All programs follow a 3 steps process: 

CU Lead Group connected with horses


We offer personalized experiential learning for individuals, leaders and teams that unlocks  existing human-potential 

Our Programs can be hosted at our HQ in Ohio, or we can come to you, anywhere in the US or Internationally, by tapping into our extensive network of Venues and Facilitators.

Leadership Development Program Icon

Helping leaders build strong foundations in organizations by being effective in:

  • Influencing confidently

  • Clarity of vision

  • Courage in decision making

All of which lead to brave growth and high performing organizations.

Team Development Program Icon

We help teams understand and experience the power of unity by:  

  • Leveraging strengths

  • Creating connections

  • Building collaboration

This comes about through connectedness and the appreciation of every individual.​

Organization Culture Program Icon

We help unite organizations behind their values by focusing on increasing:

  • Psychological safety 

  • Employee resilience 

  • Employee engagement

This then shifts behaviors and attitudes within the culture and aligns with values.

Coaching & Consulting Icon

Integrate our coaching & consulting to support your strategic goals by:

  • Gaining new insights

  • Identifying solutions

  • Greater collaboration

This helps to sustain learning and change by reinforcing the training investment.


C U Lead Program

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200+ participants a year since 2010


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