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a lady leading the horse confidently having completed the Leadership Development Training


Developing leaders who are equipped to:

  • set and communicate a clear vision

  • ​influence stakeholders confidently

  • ​take risk that leads to brave growth

Matrix with the benefits of teh Leadership Development Program
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Skills for building strong leaders

Developing leaders across the organization is a vital piece of the foundation needed to create a high performing organizational culture, from the top.


Once we are aware of the beliefs, perceptions, and assumptions impacting our actions, we can test their validity to determine what to shift to get the desired result.

Our 3-Step process for creating brave leaders

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Getting real-time feedback about how we believe we lead can be uncomfortable; but it’s necessary if we want to be clear and confident communicators. The horses will provide non-judgmental information so we are aware of how we are perceived by others.   

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Our experienced facilitators and coaches observe the horses' behaviors and body language during the exercises to assist you in gaining insight from the interactions. This feedback provides a deeper understanding of why you are getting the results you are.

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Equipped with awareness and understanding of what's been blocking our progress, we're able to build confidence in how to influence, communicate our visions more clearly and ultimately become braver and build more courage in our ourselves and our teams.


'Learning by Doing' with horses deepens the learning with tangible experiences

  • Nature-based experiential learning with horses

  • Real-time application of leadership theory

  • Incorporating relational frameworks

  • Guided feedback and discussion sessions

  • Practice new leadership capabilities

A team of leaders clearly communicting with the horse while guiding it together


Our programs complement existing learning frameworks  

Incorporating our Leadership Development program into your existing framework can bring about a powerful combination, creating hands-on opportunities to put theory into action.  

Concepts such as fostering non-verbal communication skills, emotional intelligence, adaptability, trust-building, collaboration, and leadership presence are all enhanced by adding our experiential learning program to classroom and online leadership development.

These unique experiences provide participants with practical insights and skills that can significantly enhance their effectiveness as leaders in various professional settings.

3 step process icon

Experiential learning with horses engages multiple senses and promotes neuroplasticity, which is the brain's ability to reorganize and form new neural connections that shift thinking patterns and associated outcomes.

Neuroscience research has demonstrated the effectiveness of experiential learning in facilitating behavior change and skill acquisition. Working with horses deepens that learning with tangible experiences.

When participants take onboard their new self-awareness, this creates a stronger integration of the left and right hemispheres of the brain, which leads to more effective ways of thinking like and being an authentic leader.

3 step process icon

Neuroscience informs the benefits of incorporating horses in this program and the outcomes for the participants



Connect the Layers

Strong teams leverage strengths of the team members to move through forming, storming, norming to performing.

Effective teams appreciate diverse perspectives and understand the importance of setting aside beliefs, perceptions and assumptions to work collaboratively.


Create the Structure

Healthy organizational culture is key to success in business and can only come from leaders and teams that understand the connection. 

Effective organizational cultures focus on creating psychological safety that builds resilience needed to create engagement from all stakeholders.


Support the Structure

Supporting the development of leaders, teams and healthy cultures requires planning and investment, and often times the learnings are lost.

Having an outside coach or facilitator can provide objective insight that moves the needle when developing strategy or exploring innovative solutions.

Leadership team after their Leadership Development Program


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