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What's involved and how does it work?

Learn about the benefits of our Approach and Process, the Science and the Integrations in Learning with horses


Learning by Doing creates concrete experiences

Kolb’s Experiential Learning Cycle defines it best... Guiding the development of experiential learning activities.

In the Kolb model, students have a concrete experience on which they will reflect (possibly through an assignment or other structured activity) that guides them to new perspectives and knowledge. Students then apply and test this learning in future situations. 

“Experiential learning theory is the process where knowledge is created through transformation of experience.” David Kolb

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Three steps to arrive at personal, team and organizational change with the help of the horses

All of our programs are built around our three-stage process.

The wisdom of horses and their unfiltered response facilitates the new levels of awareness in our beliefs, perceptions and actions with a fresh pair of eyes. This insight helps generate the new levels of awareness and understanding that are necessary to implement the changes we need to reach our full potential.

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Process: Step 1 Awareness Icon

Step 1: Awareness

The immediate and unbiased feedback we receive from working with horses creates a highly unique awareness of how we appear to others. This helps to establish a starting point to begin moving from where we are today to where we want to be in the future.

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Process: Step 3 Change Icon

Step 3: Change

Once there is awareness and understanding of the beliefs, perceptions, and assumptions that are driving our actions and outcomes, we can couragously step into doing things differently to create the outcomes we desire.

Global workshop in equestrian centre in Quatar
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Process: Step 2 Understanding Icon

Step 2: Understanding

Our facilitators are experts in understanding equine behavior and they bring meaning and rich insight to how we present ourselves and the impact we have on others. This provides the opportunity to rethink and reset our own behaviours in line with the outcomes we are seeking.


Our programs complement: 

- existing learning frameworks, and

- team development strategies

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Existing Learning Frameworks

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Team development Strategies

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High Potential

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Neuroscience informs the benefits of incorporating horses in this program and the outcomes for the participant

Experiential learning with horses engages multiple senses and promotes neuroplasticity, which is the brain's ability to reorganize and form new neural connections that shift thinking patterns and associated outcomes. 

Neuroscience research has demonstrated the effectiveness of experiential learning in facilitating behavior change and skill acquisition.  Working with horses deepens that learning with tangible experiences.

Team Development Workshop in Ashland Ohio

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Our Programs are all connected and offer a journey to maximizing human-potential:

Leadership Development Icon


Build a foundation

Skills for building strong leaders:

  • Confident Influencing

  • Communication of Vision 

  • Building Courage

Team Development icon


Connecting the layers

Building high-performing teams:

  • Leveraging strengths

  • Create connection 

  • Build collaboration

Organization Development icon


Create the Structure

Co-create a thriving culture:

  • Psychological safety

  • Developing resilience

  • Build engagement

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Support the Structure

Sustain learning and change:

  • Gaining new insights

  • Identifying solutions

  • Greater collaboration

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