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Integrate our coaching & consulting to support your strategic goals by:

  • Gaining new insights

  • Identifying solutions

  • Greater collaboration

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Sustain the learning and change by reinforcing the training investment

Our Coaching & Consulting services provide the wrap-around support you need in order to reap the return on investment you expect from training programs.


We work closely with organizations to understand their unique challenges, culture, and goals, enabling us to work collaboratively to develop customized solutions and strategies that address specific needs and opportunities.

Our 3-step process to Coaching & Consulting

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Organizations and individuals seeking brave growth should identify what hinders their progress. A skilled facilitator and coach can pose impactful questions to reveal insights that were not previously apparent.

Step 2 Understanding Process Icon


Once barriers to brave growth are uncovered, facilitated conversations and coaching can provide clearer understanding of what needs to shift in order to move in the desired direction.

Step 3 Change Process Icon


With clarity of what is preventing growth, organizations and the individuals within them can leverage the leadership and team development they have already invested in to keep moving towards strategic goals.


This approach focuses on understanding and leveraging how the brain works to help navigate challenges and achieve goals

  • Powerful questions asked in situational context 

  • Objective perspectives to leading to new insights

  • Igniting curiosity about people's inate responses and behaviors

  • Reframing of perspectives and thought processes

  • Employing neuroscience-based methods to reward progress

Ginny leading a virtual session online with participants

NeuroTransformational Coaching™ and brain-based Consulting isn’t just someone giving their opinion.
It's a proven coaching modality that uses neuroscience to engage both hemispheres and networks of the brain to examine challenges and find solutions that work. 

Conversations are facilitated in a way that leverages the strengths of the left and right hemispheres of the brain as well as the two networks that operate across the hemispheres.

This integration of the strengths of the brain hemispheres and networks keeps conversations on track to embrace the big picture goals along with identifying the details that need to be in place to achieve a larger vision.

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By integrating Neuroscience principles, we help participants self-navigate challenges and create change



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There are 5 Coaching Packages to choose from on

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Build a Foundation

Developing leaders across the organization is a vital piece of the foundation needed to create a high performing organizational culture.

Effective leaders have the ability to set and communicate clear vision, influence stakeholders with confidence and the courage to take risk leads to growth.


Create the Layers

Strong teams leverage strengths of the team members to move through forming, storming, norming to performing.

Effective teams appreciate diverse perspectives and understand the importance of setting aside beliefs, perceptions and assumptions to work collaboratively.


Create the Structure

Healthy organizational culture is key to success in business and can only come from leaders and teams that understand the connection. ​

Effective organizational cultures focus on creating psychological safety that builds resilience needed to create engagement from all stakeholders.


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Neurotransformational Coaching & Consulting offers innovative and effective approaches to professional and organizational development

Coaching that reinforces training

Coaching is a vital part of organizational development and can support your organization’s strategic initiatives by helping leaders uncover thought processes impeding forward momentum and facilitating conversation that identifies actions they can take to achieve goals. 

Working with a coach who understands your challenges and is dedicated to your success is an investment in yourself and your organization.


Coaching Opportunities:

•  Executive Leaders

•  Emerging Leaders

•  Career Exploration

•  Navigating Stress

•  Business Development

Consulting through facilitation

Strategic conversations can easily go off-course when the stakeholders are trying to protect their resources or lack diverse perspectives.   A professional facilitator can guide your team into and through the exploration of reinventing their strategy to meet the needs of an ever-changing business environment. Customized facilitation can be provided in person or virtually to help your organization get unstuck.

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