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​Educationally, Ginny holds a Master’s Degree in Business Psychology, complemented by certifications as an Advanced Corporate Practitioner and Master Trainer for the Equine Experiential Education Association (E3A). 


She is recognized as a Certified NeuroTransformational Coach, a BEabove Leadership Trainer, and a Certified Reinvention Associate, further underscoring her commitment to cutting-edge methodologies in facilitating transformative change.

Ginny believes that the key to achieving our fullest potential is collaboration and she specializes in leveraging collective synergy to empower individuals and organizations to reach their highest potential.

She facilitates transformative experiences through tailored training programs, focusing on inclusive organizational cultures, leadership development, and creating high-performing teams. In addition, her executive coaching services are designed to develop new skills that enable personal growth.

Ginny's approach combines a blend of business, psychology, and neuroscience, providing a unique and effective learning experience with horses. Her workshops include skilful facilitation and feedback sessions, ensuring participants leave with practical insights and tools for success.

Her experience often has her travelling to national and international locations to help improve organizational cultures, facilitate leadership and team development workshops, as well as train and mentor facilitators in the equine-assisted learning field.

As a certified and licensed facilitator for TeachingHorse, Ginny integrates The Diamond Model of Shared Leadership™ into her client engagements, promoting a collaborative and empowering leadership style.

Driven by a passion for uncovering untapped potential and fostering collaborative excellence, Ginny Telego continues to be a driving force in helping individuals and organizations become as effective as possible.

Ginny is dedicated to creating environments where people can thrive and work together to achieve remarkable outcomes.

Ginny Telego and a Program Participant


Unlocking Potential Through Collaboration: Ginny Telego's Innovative Approach to Learning & Development

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