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We create learning experiences that are as unique as the people experiencing them

We believe that organizations have the talent they need to be successful, and our individuality is our strength. 

Our role is to unlock and harness both individual and collective potential. With our 3-step model and our skilled facilitation, we are able to help transform individuals and teams, to ensure organizations are aligned to common goals, perform better together and become as effective as humanly possible.

OUR PROMISE    Our learning experience will: 

  • Increase the awareness and strengths of every individual

  • Bring balance and harmony within the capabilities of your teams

  • Ignite positive cultural change with a new collective inclusiveness

  • Elevate the levels of connectedness and collaboration


Unlocking Potential Through Collaboration: Ginny Telego's Innovative Approach to Learning & Development. Ginny believes that the key to achieving our fullest potential is collaboration and she specializes in leveraging collective synergy to empower individuals and organizations to reach their highest potential.


We have our core learning experience delivery team in Ashland Ohio, and we pull on a team of Subject Matter Experts nationally and internationally ie. Emotional Intelligence and Diversity & Inclusion. This team collaborates with Ginny on shaping and delivering the learning path and workshop outcomes. MEET THE TEAM >


While our HQ is based in Ashland Ohio, we have a vast and ever increasing a network of incredible venues (and their horses) both nationally and internationally.  All we need is your geography radius and we'll come to you. We can also run workshops digitally if that's a better fit. 


While Ginny's vast professional experience and credentials predates the company's inception, The Collaboration Partners story really started back in 2009, at the Ashland Chamber of Commerce Meeting which prompted a full day demonstration with the Chamber Team. Needless to say, this was a huge success, and resulted in multiple referrals... who then networked us onward, and the rest is history.  READ OUR STORY >

Team Development Group Picture


Our Clients tell their own stories best...

"This experience made me see how we need to be intentional about creating alignment with each other and pause to ask what we need to do before moving forward."

Stephanie, NEW YORK

“I experienced the power of this model for diversity, equity, and inclusion work. Every human has blind spots. We aren’t always able to recognize our true beliefs, underlying assumptions, implicit or explicit biases. As a result, we tend to fiercely resist anything that challenges our notions of who we believe ourselves to be."

Cheryl, OHIO

“This was a valuable use of time, which is rare for corporate retreats. I valued the diverse experience and thoughtful collaboration with my team.  I’ll definitely be thinking about horse in the office more!”


Tobias, Columbus, OH


Our values underpin every interaction with every individual (horse & human!):

Integrity & Congruence Icon

Integrity & Congruence

Alignment of what we say with what we do makes us true to our intentions. This applies to all of us as individuals, professionals, clients, vendors and or collaborative partners.
Appreciation Icon


Of our horse and human team and the knowledge and experience they bring to our organization and of the clients who trust us with creating safe spaces to learn and develop themselves and their teams. 
Courage Icon


To step into the unknown with curiosity and a willingness to acknowledge how collective trauma impacts our world and the people we interact with every day in our work, family, friends and communities.


When we're truly connected, powerful things can happen

Harnessing our full human-potential is achieved when we're all truly connected, and we have a collective awareness and understanding of each other. That is when we're open to change and achieve Transformation and Growth. Together.

CU Lead Group with Wager in the outdoor arena

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Leadership Development Icon


Build a foundation

Skills for building strong leaders:

  • Confident Influencing

  • Communication of Vision 

  • Building Courage

Team Development icon


Connecting the layers

Building high-performing teams:

  • Leveraging strengths

  • Create connection 

  • Build collaboration

Organization Development icon


Create the Structure

Co-create a thriving culture:

  • Psychological safety

  • Developing resilience

  • Build engagement

Coaching & Consulting icon


Support the Structure

Sustain learning and change:

  • Gaining new insights

  • Identifying solutions

  • Greater collaboration


Our Programs are all connected and offer a journey to maximizing human-potential:

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