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A team shot with horses having completed their workshop
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We develop teams that are able to:

  • leverage individual strengths

  • create a team-wide connection

  • ​build true collaboration 

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Building connected, collaborative and 
high-performing Teams

Strong teams have a collective awareness and leverage the strengths of all team members to move through the stages of forming, storming, norming to performing.


Effective teams appreciate diverse perspectives and understand the importance of setting aside beliefs, perceptions and assumptions to work collaboratively.

Our 3-step process to building collaborative teams

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In order to work more effectively, team members first need to gain awareness of their own styles of communication, conflict management and interpretations of others’ behavior. Once team members become self-aware, they can begin to make changes to achieve the outcomes they want.

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Research indicates that “performance feedback is central to self-regulatory processes and team performance”.  Experienced facilitators guide group debrief conversations about the feedback from the horses to understand why your team is either getting the results they want or not.

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With an awareness and understanding of what has been getting in the way of achieving the outcomes a team desires, connection and collaboration become much easier.  Clarity of the beliefs, perceptions, and assumptions that have been preventing the team performing at a high level becomes an asset.


'Learning by Doing' with horses deepens the learning with tangible experiences

  • Nature-based experiential learning with horses

  • Real-time application of team connectedness

  • Increased collective awareness

  • Leverage strengths across the team

  • Unity and focus on project / team objectives

A group of people work with a single horse in an outside arena


Our programs complement existing team development strategies

Introducing experiential learning with horses into existing team development strategies can bring sharp focus to the human elements of team building.
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Participants have the opportunity to gain deeper understanding of how to leverage results from various assessments such as:
  • DiSC
  • CliftonStrengths
  •  The Five Behaviors
  • Emotional Intelligence,
  • Caliper
  • Hogan, among others

Experiential learning with horses engages every team member's brain in a way that can enhance both retention and application of new knowledge, having developed and practiced new skills as a team.

Having a basic understanding of neuroscience can provide teams with valuable insights into how the brain works individually and collectively, enabling them to collaborate more effectively.

With enhanced communication, stress management, innovation, trust, and leadership effectiveness teams can develop strategies and practices that optimize their performance and well-being.

3 step process icon

Neuroscience informs the benefits of incorporating horses in this program and the outcomes for the participants


A group of people who have completed the Team Development program



Build a Foundation

Developing leaders across the organization is a vital piece of the foundation needed to create a high performing organizational culture.

Effective leaders have the ability to set and communicate clear vision, influence stakeholders with confidence and the courage to take risk leads to growth.


Create the Structure

Healthy organizational culture is paramount to the success of the business and can only come from leaders and teams that understand the connection. 

Effective organizational cultures focus on creating psychological safety that builds resilience needed to create engagement from all stakeholders.


Support the Structure

Supporting the development of leaders, teams and healthy cultures doesn't have to be something that happens in a vacuum.

Having an outside coach or facilitator can provide objective insight that moves the needle when developing strategy or exploring innovative solutions.

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