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Meet The Collaboration Partners  Team

Our team is a diverse group of professionals dedicated to fostering collaboration, and enabling success for individuals and their organizations. Each team member brings their own area of expertise and experience, creating a dynamic and powerful synergy between us. Our tailormade solution will include the expert best suited to your challenge. Meet the team: 

Ginny Telego President & CEO of The Collaboration Partners

Ginny Telego

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President & CEO
The Collaboration Partners

Ginny Telego is the founder of The Collaboration Partners, and is dedicated to fostering collaboration and harnessing collective synergy to help individuals and organizations reach their fullest potential.

With a background in business psychology and a passion for equine-assisted learning, Ginny specializes in creating inclusive organizational cultures, developing leadership skills, and building high-performing teams.

Her innovative approach combines business, psychology, and neuroscience, offering transformative experiences that promote personal growth and team excellence. Ginny is a driving force in empowering people through collaboration.



Meet our Ohio Horse Team:


Wager is a registered Appendix Quarter Horse. His wisdom and guidance have helped many clients learn the true definition of leadership through relationship.


Gia is a registered Paint Horse. She is intuitive and provides important information to people about their level of congruence as a leader.


Cookie is a Miniature Horse. She is gifted in helping clients to understand how their intentions can influence the way they communicate as leaders and team members.


Cookie is a Miniature Horse. She is gifted in helping clients to understand how their intentions can influence the way they communicate as leaders and team members.


And those who will be forever in our memory:

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Lissa Pohl Senior Associate at The Collaboration Partners
Lissa Pohl

Senior Associate

Chief Engagement Officer at
The Engagement Quotient

Lissa Pohl is a global expert in somatic intelligence and its connection to leadership and engagement. Her work embraces several transformational learning modalities to provide clients the heightened perceptual awareness and feedback they need to fully engage, align, and lead their organizations.

Cheryl Cates Associate Facilitator at The Collaboration Partners
Cheryl Cates

Associate Facilitator
Co-Founder and Principal at Cates & Associates

Cheryl is recognized for her ability to help build and manage high performing teams by working intimately with senior leadership teams to build organizational capacity in talent development which comes from a passion for maximizing individual, team and organizational performance. 

Celia King Associate Facilitator at The Collaboration Partners
Celia King

Associate Facilitator

Lead Consultant at
Arrants McSwain

Celia is super experienced in working in highly collaborative environments where interpersonal and relational intelligence is core for businesses striving to create stability in highly volatile and rapidly changing business environments be it with teams or one-on-one leadership coaching programs. 

Spencer Associate Facilitator at The Collaboration Partners
Spencer Dolezal

Associate Facilitator

The Collaboration Partners

Spencer has a passion for helping people and businesses through working with our equine partners.  Since 2018, Spencer has been working with The Collaboration Partners to guide clients in gaining self-awareness and improve personal and corporate productivity.

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